Schools Show Paraders



 Entry fee $3 per student.

General conditions:

The competition is open to students of Years 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11.

Students need to be enrolled in local South West Slopes schools.

Entrants in the competition will be judged on:

-       General knowledge of beef cattle; Handling/knowledge of the animal; – Personal presentation.

All cattle must be led by entrant.

The Competition:

The competition consists of two sections: Junior: year 7 & 8: Senior: years 9, 10 & 11

Junior Section – Entrants to be judged on parading skills

Senior Section – Entrants will be judged on knowledge of beef cattle and parading skills.

Each section can consist of a number of rounds.

Finals: Entrants in the senior section with the highest scores in the rounds will be eligible to enter the final.

Two students from year 9 , 10 and 11 with the highest score from the rounds from each school are eligible to enter the finals.

Perpetual trophies:

  1. “The School Parader of the Show”: donated by Elders.  All finalists are eligible.
  2. “The Parader School of the Show”: donated by Agstock Pty Ltd Tumut.  Determined from the rounds and final scores.

Awards:  Entrants receive a certificate and ribbon in recognition of their efforts.

Champion Parader ribbons will be awarded to the entrant with the highest score in the junior and senior sections of the competition.

The finalist in the senior section will receive a certificate and ribbon in recognition of their achievement.

“The School Parader of the Show” will receive a trophy and ribbon in recognition of their achievements.

Encouragement Award to entrant from Tumut High School: donated by Family of Alby and Gloria Schultz.

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